Three advantages of online food ordering system for restaurants

Three advantages of online food ordering system for restaurants

Read Three advantages of online food ordering system for restaurants

The advantages of online ordering systems for restaurants are becoming more increasing every day. Most of today’s customers and millennials tend to lean towards accessing restaurant services. Online reservations, online takeout, and online pick-up are favorites over just picking up the phone. A majority of restaurants need to meet their needs if you want your business to remain competitive.

Restaurants that do not have online ordering or do not keep up with this trend will be left behind in favor of restaurants that have stepped up to provide customers with easier access. In today’s abundant restaurant space, there are slim margins for error. If you want your restaurant to be successful, you must meet the needs of your target customers. It’s as simple as that. In addition to saving employee errors and allowing automation to take place, your employees are not tied up on the phone. Lastly, having a stand-alone online food ordering system for your restaurant will allow you to bypass commissions from UberEats, GrubHub, and DoorDash.

Below are 3 advantages of an online food ordering system for restaurants:

Convenience For Customers

With today’s busy lifestyles, most of us are looking for a shortcut for time; thus, convenience is king. When customers can order food from their favorite restaurant faster, easier, and all at their convenience, most customers tend to come back again and again because they know that the establishment meets their needs.

Check out these numbers if you need some hard facts to back up this statement.

  • Together, 60 percent of restaurant patrons in America order food delivery or takeout online or at least once a week.
  • Additionally, 31 percent will order at least twice a week
  • Lastly, about 30 percent of all orders are prepaid online

The data tells us that most customers will return to a restaurant when they have an option for ordering and paying online through an online ordering system. We could summarize that most people will choose restaurants that offer this option if this is their preference.

Generate More Orders with an online ordering system

As a restaurant owner or manager, the main focus is to strengthen the bottom line. A higher volume of orders means that the restaurant is generating more revenue. So, giving your customers the ability to order online easily will help your business generate more revenue.

An online ordering system for your restaurant gives you a clear path and platform to increase sales. If you allow customers to order online, you are appealing to a more diverse demographic that most people prefer ordering online over. If your restaurant has an online presence and starts promoting this feature, you will bring them straight to your door.

Increase Ticket Average for online ordering systems

Restaurant customers who order from an online system will usually spend more than they would dining in. A little over 20 percent of people who order online say that they will pay more when they collect online than in person.

You are allowing customers to have more time to browse your menu, thus, as a restaurant, you will have more opportunities to upsell or cross-sell right off of your menu. Usually, 34% of orders placed through an online ordering system are worth $55 or more, while most bills for walk-ins are usually $25 or less.

Perfect for many types of restaurants

Takeout Button® is perfect for quick-service restaurants, pizza restaurants, casual dining restaurants, catering companies, and restaurants that cater to local businesses. There are many advantages of having an online ordering system; the question is, can your restaurant afford not to have an online ordering system?

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