Takeout Button®

Why online catering?

Online Catering can help you save time finalizing large orders, secure orders with prepay capability, and avoid last minute catering with order ahead feature. The full scale ordering system is designed to give you a  full control of management tools and access to your customer data.

How Takeout Button® online catering works?

Takeout Button® converts your website visitors to paying customers. Visit Takeout Button online catering process to learn more.

How much does Takeout Button® online catering cost?

Takeout Button® offers a selection of product packages to suit every budget. Depending on your needs, to explore the right pricing structure for your business you can request a demo with our product expert today.

How do I get notified of online catering orders?

You will be notified of catering orders thru mobile text message and the full order details are sent to your email. No additional device is required.

Can Takeout Button® send orders to a printer?

Yes, if it is a network printer. Takeout Button® can customize our online catering technology to suit your working environment.

Who enters my menu?

Takeout Button® sets up the menu for you and trains you or your staff to use a management tool.

How long does it take to setup my system?

It depends on how complex your menu is. Typically it takes a few days after we receive all of your menu materials and images.

How do I get paid?

Takeout Button® works with a leading payment processor ensuring a smooth direct deposit into your merchant account within the accepted industry standard of 24-48 hours.

Do I need to have a website?

Your website is a gateway for your online customers to find you on the Internet and place orders online directly. If you need a website, Takeout Button® can help you create a beautiful responsive website with online catering capability for your catering business. Please visit Website Ordering to learn more.

Does Takeout Button online catering has Self-Delivery option?

Yes! If you have your own drivers, Takeout Button® Online Ordering already has a self-delivery option built in that allows you to preset delivery zones and fees.

Does Takeout Button provide any marketing support?

Absolutely! We offer an ongoing online marketing support to help you get the word out about your online catering. Please visit Takeout Button® Marketing Services to learn more.

Ready to learn more?

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