How to Utilize Technology to Rescue Catering Business

How to Utilize Technology to Rescue Catering Business 

In this 3rd episode Takeout button® invited Follow Your Bliss Catering, a catering partner, to a live interview with Dining Out RadioOur guest shared their story of how they get started, what they think about Chicago pizza and how they utilize Takeout button® online catering solution to expand their product lines to include food products like signature spice blends. 

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/FollowYourBlissInterviewMay6.mp3


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Tips to Offer Off Premise Dining and Apply Ghost Kitchen Concept


How to Transit to Off Premise Dining & Apply Ghost Kitchen Concept

In this 2nd episode we talked about how Takeout button® online ordering technology can help restaurants transit to serve off premise dining options (i.e., takeout, delivery, catering) in this trying COVID 19 time, and how to apply Ghost Kitchen concept with self-delivery feature to keep overhead cost low.

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/OfferPermiseGhostKitchenApr29.mp3 




Minimize contact with Online Ordering

Minimize contact in COVID 19 time with Online Ordering

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Takeout button® made their debut radio show on Tan Talk Radio Network with Dining Out Radio which showcases features and benefits of their online ordering solutions and includes  shares stories about how their eatery partners using their solutions to increase their bottom line with live interview live interviews of our eatery partners sharing stories about how our online ordering solutions have increased their bottom line.


In this 1st episode we discussed an overview of Takeout button® online ordering features and benefits to independent restaurants and why they should consider having their own ordering system instead of using a 3rd party platform. Additional benefit of using online ordering, especially in this challenging COVID 19 time, is to minimize contact with customers with prepay option. 

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/DebutRadioShowApr22.mp3