Best Practices for Reopening Restaurant with Fast Table Turnaround Time

Best Practices for Reopening Restaurant with Fast Table Turnaround Time 

Our radio guest this week is Sesto of Da Sesto Italiano Ristorante e Vino. Sesto finally reopens his restaurant with limited capacity and days during the pandemic. He shared his COVID-19 business journey, discussing how he pivoted a fine dining, sit-down Italian restaurant to offer takeout and delivery, without using any third-party delivery service. He used his own employees to make deliveries, keeping them employed during the shutdown. He adapted quickly by taking advantage of technology like Takeout Button® online ordering as early as mid March, when the pandemic had just begun. 

In his radio interview, he also discusses his clever way of using the Takeout Button® online ordering system to speed up table turnaround time for dine-in guests. Customers who make dine-in reservations online receive an email with a link that allows them to prepay for their meals. When they arrive at the restaurant, their food will be ready. This reduces wait times, minimizes contact with other customers and servers, and shortens meal time, speeding up table turnaround time overall. The restaurant can be ready to seat more customers, which is critical when operating within 50% capacity limits.

Sesto partners with Meals on Wheels and also has a Pay It Forward page on his website that allows anyone to support his mission to feed front line workers. You can Pay if forward at https://order.dasesto.com/buy/DaSesto/payitforward.

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/SestoInterviewMay27.mp3

 Sesto Radio Interview

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Fine Dining Challenges and Tech Solutions

Fine Dining Challenges and Tech Solutions 

This week's guest in the "Dining Out Radio Show" studio was hospitality consultant Andy Brouillard of Brouillard Hospitality. With five decades of experience in the hospitality industry, including at Disney's, Sandals Resort and TPepin's Hospitality Center, Brouillard shares his views on the challenges fine dining restaurants are facing now. He gives his advice on how fine dining restaurants can incorporate takeout and delivery, and offers tips on the best way to package food to ensure a quality experience for customers dining off-premise. He also discusses how online ordering technology like what Takeout Button® offers is a key component of how restaurants can carry through and still grow revenue in this COVID-19 trying time.

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/AndyInterviewMay20.mp3

 Fine dining challenges and tech solutions

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How to Utilize Technology to Rescue Catering Business

How to Utilize Technology to Rescue Catering Business 

In this 3rd episode Takeout button® invited Follow Your Bliss Catering, a catering partner, to a live interview with Dining Out RadioOur guest shared their story of how they get started, what they think about Chicago pizza and how they utilize Takeout button® online catering solution to expand their product lines to include food products like signature spice blends. 

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/FollowYourBlissInterviewMay6.mp3


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Early Tech Adopter Paid Off

Early Tech Adopter Paid Off 

In this 4rd episode Takeout button® invited Pipo's Cuban Cafe, a restaurant partner, to a live interview with Dining Out RadioOur guest shared their story of how being an early adopter to online ordering technology paid off and has kept his restaurant afloat during these trying times. The owner said Takeout button® really makes online ordering an convenient process for small business operators like his by increasing to go sales and maximizing his online visibility. The Pipo's Cuban Cafe is now hiring after having to downsize their staff due to COVID 19.

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/PiposMay13.mp3






Tips to Offer Off Premise Dining and Apply Ghost Kitchen Concept


How to Transit to Off Premise Dining & Apply Ghost Kitchen Concept

In this 2nd episode we talked about how Takeout button® online ordering technology can help restaurants transit to serve off premise dining options (i.e., takeout, delivery, catering) in this trying COVID 19 time, and how to apply Ghost Kitchen concept with self-delivery feature to keep overhead cost low.

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/OfferPermiseGhostKitchenApr29.mp3